Platform permissions

Actions of the entire platform are available through permissions, which are collected in roles to facilitate their management. Therefore, to indicate what a user can do, one or more roles can be assigned directly to the user or to one of the groups of users to which he or she belongs.

Using platform permissions is very simple, because they are horizontal. Users that have been assigned a role can perform a large number of actions, but this can also be dangerous.

For example, if a user is assigned the role "Content Viewer", he will be able to see all Spaces, Pages and Cards. This means that he will be able to access (view only) all the content of your organization.

It is recommended to use the platform permissions carefully, assigning the roles to administrator users, advanced users or users with power in the organization (top management, owners, etc.).

To manage platform permissions, access the administration area and in files of users and groups of users, assign the necessary roles in each case.

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