Users menu, allows you to manage the users of the Organization. You can access a list of users, with a search box.

List of users in the Biuwer Administration Area

From this screen you can create the users that you need in your Organization, pressing the "Add" button. To do this, you must select the type of user, Basic or Standard, following the instructions on the screen. In addition to the user's name, a contact email is required, to which a welcome email will be sent so that the new user can verify their account and proceed to create a secure password to access Biuwer for the first time.

By clicking on a user, you can access its detail screen, from which you can manage the following:

  • User edition (name, surname, email or password edition).

  • List of Standard Groups in which the user is included

  • List of Basic Groups in which the user is included

  • Roles assigned to the user

  • Authentication tokens associated with the user

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