Exploring data

One typical use case to explore some data of interest, analyze it, answer some questions and then make decisions based on the obtained results, is to follow this steps:

  1. Log in to Biuwer.

  2. Access the list of Spaces and navigate to the Page or Card of interest, or click directly on the Page or Card shown in the home page.

  3. Adjust the dynamic filters to show the relevant data regarding an specific data question (for example, configuring the date interval of interest and other included dimensions of analysis).

  4. Analyze the data shown on the Page or Card of interest. If it’s well built, you should be able to answer the asked question.

  5. Just act based on data or share knowledge with other people using Biuwer collaboration capabilities.

One example: Which are the worst 3 categories?

We are using the sample Film Rentals shared space

As a film rental business owner, I know there are quite a lot categories. So I’m concerned about the worst performing categories and I have to get rid of the worst 3 categories.

  • Using the prebuilt Film Rentals shared space in Biuwer, navigate to the Film Rentals Dashboard.

  • We have to know the less performing categories, so we have to use the number of rentals with no special filters applied, broken by film category, and then see which are the 3 categories with less rentals.

  • We can use the card “#Rentals ranking per category” to answer this question.

  • To see the data in detail, open the card options menu that appears on hover, and select “See detail” to see a fullscreen version of the card.

The horizontal barchart shows us that 40 rentals have no category and that the 3 worst categories are… Horror, Music and Travel. So these three categories would be the best candidates to be got rid off.

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