Home page and navigation

When you access Biuwer you get into the home page which includes direct access to your Personal Space and the list of Shared Spaces and Pages where you can access.

The left bar includes the main navigation, from top to bottom:

  • Biuwer logo is a direct access to home page.

  • List of Spaces: use this icon to navigate content and access dashboards and reports available in your Organization.

  • Data Center: use this icon to enter the configuration of Data Connections, Datasets and Data Models. This is usually used by data administrators and most of the Users won’t need to use the Data Center.

  • Administration Area: only the Organization main contact and administrators can access this area, where they can configure administrative setting, including Users, Groups, etc.

  • Support Chat: click this icon to enable the support chat to talk to our support team with any doubt you may have.

  • My User, opens a submenu with these options:

    • Change Organization: this option appears only if your user can access two or more Organizations, and enables to switch between any of your Organizations in Biuwer.

    • My profile: click this option to access the profile settings.

    • Log out: click this option to securely end your session.

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