Shared spaces

What is usual in organizations that work collaboratively with data is to have pages and cards in shared spaces, in which access is configured for different users and groups of users, according to the context of analysis or the structure within the company. For example, it is common to organize the content in shared spaces by criteria such as:

  • Business organization chart: company management, departments, areas of responsibility, etc.

  • Analysis of data referring to specific moments or elements: 2020 business analysis, project management X, profitability study X.

It is convenient to properly organize the content in shared spaces, according to their context of use, both in time and in content, and to give proper names to shared spaces and pages, to guide users properly to quickly access the data.

To access spaces in Biuwer, use the following icon in the left sidebar:

Spaces are displayed by default in a large format view, both the personal space "My Space" (only if the connected user is standard) and shared spaces. From this list you can search for spaces by name and configure the sorting by various criteria (ascending or descending, by name, creation date, modification date, favorite spaces first or not) and also activate the detailed list view.

The organization of the content always takes place within spaces and is simple, since a space can contain pages and cards. In previous screens you can see for each shared space how many pages and how many cards it contains.

In turn, a page also acts as a card container, since inside each page to be used properly there must be at least one card.

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