The Film Rentals space

During this Getting Started section of Biuwer Docs, we’ve been using the Film Rentals shared space, which is available by default in every new Organization.

Following some examples that we’ve described on how to use Biuwer, it’s a good exercise to answer some questions about Film Rentals, to better understand Biuwer capabilities, before you deep dive into your own data.

Using your data analytics capabilities, let’s find together the answers to the following questions, using the Film Rentals Dashboard.

Which are the top 3 categories by rental?

There are no special filters to apply (rental date, categories, countries), so we configure the 3 Page filters to “All values”. The ranking by category can be found in the “# Rentals ranking per category” card.

The answer: Sports, Animation and Action

Which is the worst day (minimum rentals) in United Kingdom during Q3 2019?

We are asking for a specific day, so we have to use a data Card where the number of rentals are detailed at day level. We are also asking just for United Kingdom and Q3 2019, so we have to configure these two filters accordingly.

If analyzing data in a dashboard with many Cards is not visually optimal, remember that we can see the fullscreen version of any Card and apply the filters of any Page where that given Card is included.

The answer: July 5, 2019

How many customers did rent films during Q3 2019?

This one is easier than the last question. Simple clean the Country filter and set “All values” and we have a KPI Card with the total number of customers that have rented films.

The answer: 599

Which is the most expensive film rented to Karl Seal in the Horror category?

We are asking for the name of a film, based on its cost, and it has to be the most expensive. In Film Rentals Dashboard we have not configured (though it’s possible), a Page filter for Customers but fortunately, there is a vertical data Card called “Rentals details” which includes much more detail, inside the dashboard. Here we can filter (inside the table itself) for the requested information.

The answer: Fidelity Devil

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