Data Card Editor

Data cards are built using the Data Card Editor, which we access when creating any data card. For any data card, it’s necessary to configure a data query or queries that are made on the different Data Models (previously defined and available in our organization).

Depending on the type of card, it is allowed to make only one query or all queries that you consider necessary. If a card allows you to configure different queries it means that you can potentially unify in the same card data coming from different data sources. Some examples:

  • KPI cards. You can include in the same card aggregated values from a database, a CSV file or an external API.

  • Maps. You can create several data layers to display them on the same geographic map, one with data from a database and another from an external mapping system.

  • Custom cards. You can get data from several tables and views stored in the same database or different ones, to use them as needed when graphically representing the card (custom table, custom chart, etc.).

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