This section explains how to integrate a multitude of visualizations at scale into any modern web application to serve up to thousands of users using Biuwer.

Available in Standard Plan (*), Professional Plan and Business Plan.

(*) Only part of the functionalities described

Biuwer is a data platform specialized in delivering information to end users at scale, with the best-known use case being Embedded Analytics, which consists of using Biuwer as a tool to manage the entire life cycle of visualizations and of the data, and later integrate the results into any web application external to Biuwer.

When talking about the visualization and data lifecycle, we refer to the fact that there are multiple aspects necessary in a professional data solution that are carried out through the Biuwer interface. That is, managing data at scale is complex, and it must be done by applying the necessary security settings that allow the correct data to be presented to each of the application's end users. Among other things, Biuwer helps you:

  • Manage all data connections in a Data Center.

  • Synchronize data not available in databases, such as other applications and systems you use.

  • Prepare data using formulas, calculated fields, conditions, etc.

  • Configure data access applied to individual users and/or groups of users together.

  • Manage all content (cards, pages, collections) in a Content Center organized in shared workspaces.

  • Create and maintain data visualizations of various types (KPIs, graphs, tables, maps, custom cards, rich texts, etc.)

  • Configure how, when and where content is shared externally, and who is given access to each.

The interesting thing about this approach is that once the integration is done, any changes to the embedded content made in Biuwer will be updated in real time in the external application. This approach allows hundreds or thousands of users to be given access to data panels, taking into account the unique identification of each of them, in order to show them the information correctly filtered for their profile.

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