Setting up data connections

Once in Biuwer, a user from your Organization with permissions to use the Data Center and manage connections, datasets and data models, must access it and is presented with Connections that your Organization has configured so far.

As can be seen, we do not have a connection to the database containing the film rental information and must create a connection to access this data from Biuwer. To do this, either access directly the "Catalog of connections" available in the left hand menu or click on the "Add" button available in the upper right hand corner of the "My connections" list.

Already in the "Connection Catalog" we choose the type of technology in which the data we want to use is stored. Use the search engine or the category selector at the top to filter connections and quicker locate the one you are interested in.

Once you test the connection by pressing the "Test Connection" button, you can save it and it will appear in the list of connections in the Data Center:

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