What data sources are there

Do we have all the data that follows from the previous point? Sometimes we do not have access to all the information, for whatever reason (it is not being recorded in digital format, it is partially available and must be completed, previous processes of data extraction, processing and preparation must be carried out, etc.).

Cases in which we would like to have a Dashboard but the necessary information is not available, can be used to make decisions about digitising the business processes, using management applications, physical equipment, sensors or simply human data recording. The objective is that these processes that we want to analyse but do not have a digital data support, have one. The data storage can be a database system (SQL or NoSQL), a file system, an application accessible through API, data generated by events in real time, etc.

For the example we are dealing with, the company has a film rental management application and the data is physically stored in a database compatible with the SQL standard, namely a PostgreSQL database.

Also for this example, all the data we are going to need is contained in the previous database, but in each case, we may need data that is in various data sources (databases, files, APIs,...).

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