Filtering data

Filters are so important when analyzing data that Biuwer includes a complete filtering system, available in both Pages and Cards, and they can be used stand alone or combined.

Page filters

When building a dashboard you can configure any number of filters, to be applied as needed on any card included in the page.

A single Page can include Cards showing data from different data sources. Biuwer filtering system enables you to filter them accordingly, choosing which filters applies to which card on which data field.

Regular users usually are just interested in analyzing data, not designing pages, modeling data or configuring filters. Using filters is just as easy as clicking on them, and a dialog pops up to configure the filter.

Depending on the field data type associated with the filter, different options will appear on screen, allowing you to:

  • Select option values (all values, none, some values)

  • Use regular expressions (equals, not equals, greater than, between, etc.)

  • Use predefined values (this year, last 3 months, etc.)

  • Perform Top / Bottom calculated values

Card filters

Defining filters in cards is recommended when as a business user it’s always needed to apply certain restrictions on the data shown an specific card, despite the page where the card is finally used and even if the card is used standalone.

Filters can be configured as mandatory or optional, editable or fixed, visible or invisible, multiple values or single value. These combinations in conjunction with card filters allows you to implement almost any filtering need.

Talking about usage, card filters are almost the same as page filters. They differ in the implications because:

  • A page filter can be applied on a particular card or not, depending on configuration.

  • A card filter will always be applied to that particular card.

Used together, both types of filters can be visually identified in Biuwer as the following example shows.

Filters areas can be opened and closed to maximize the visibility of the card.

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