Cross Table Card

A Cross Table is a two-way table consisting of columns and rows. It is also known as a pivot table or multidimensional table. It is very useful for structuring, summarizing and displaying large amounts of data. They allow you to visually determine if there is a relationship between the row variable and the column variable.

Cross-table cards are very powerful for making numerical summaries by confronting two or more dimensions of data with each other. By representing the same data used in a cross-table in the equivalent vertical table, we will see that these take up much more space, as the number of rows will be the Cartesian product of each combination of dimensions, and it is much more difficult to obtain a general description.

To set up a cross table you need to indicate at least one dimension in the "Rows" block, one dimension in the "Columns" block and at least one metric in the "Data" block. Many other possibilities are optional.

Within the general configuration possibilities you can specify:

  • Select the grids to be displayed (left, right, headers, footers and main). General totals can be shown in the horizontal and vertical footers, for columns, rows or for the entire measurement.

  • Predefined general style (theme) of the cross table

  • Custom styles and/or conditional styles applied on header, footer or subtotals.

In addition for data fields, you can specify:

  • Field title (row or column)

  • If it is a numerical column, indicate the format to be displayed

    • If it is also a time metric, indicate the time level and the format to be displayed

  • Grouping of cells (in case of repeated values show a single value)

  • Show subtotals

  • Field style (that can be customized over the one that indicates the predefined style in the cross table - theme)

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