What questions I want to answer

This is perhaps the most important step, as everything we do afterwards will depend on knowing in as much detail as possible what the objective of the Dashboard is, what business questions users who are going to use it intend to answer, and who these users are.

There are an infinite number of different needs and use cases, so we will use an example to explain them. Following the example of the "Film Rentals" Space, we intend to build a page that includes a set of cards that allow users to respond to following questions and needs:

  • The Dashboard will be used by the company's managers to get an overview of the evolution of film rentals over time.

  • They will want to be able to make analyses by different time bands of rents, of different categories and in different countries where they occur.

  • The aim is to see at a glance large numbers of rentals, customers and films.

  • In order to be able to see the evolution over time, they propose to be able to visually analyse how total rentals behave on a daily basis.

  • The aim is to monitor the best and worst categories of film, in order to decide which to promote and which to discard.

  • They want to be able to access a list of rentals to be able to see all the information in more detail in which they can filter interactively by:

    • Rental date

    • Film

    • Customer

    • Film category

    • Country

    • City

    • Price

With all this information we can already get an idea of what we intend to do with the information and now we have to shape it.

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