Security is important when it comes to access sensitive information.

Biuwer applies an access refusal criteria by default. This means that a user has no access to anything as soon as it is created, nor does he or she have permission to create or edit content, and another user has to enable him or her to do so.

Permissions obtained through roles have priority, as they are horizontal. For example, the "Content Viewer'' role in Biuwer has read-only access to all the content of the Organization.

The management of Users, Groups of Users and Roles is done from the administration panel of the Organization.

Below is a Security Diagram of the Biuwer platform, with which we try to explain how to specify who can do what.

These are the 3 basic principles of the security system for any organization using Biuwer:

  1. Default access refusal criteria.

  2. Any action is performed by, or on behalf of a user.

  3. There are two approaches to assigning permissions: platform permissions (horizontal, very powerful but dangerous) and object permissions (individual, more controlled but can be tedious).

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