Filters allow you to ask questions about the data in a simple yet powerful way.

Filters can be configured at the Page and/or Card level, so they can be applied in chain with each other.

URL parameter

In addition to the usual options for specifying a value for filters, you can use parameters specified in the Pages, Cards, and Collections URL.

The parameters are specified according to the Query String.

Following this example, as added to the URL provided by Biuwer

-> ?date_from=2021-01-01&date_to=2021-12-31

The values that can be specified for a filter in the URL depend on the data type configured in the filter and the following.

It is possible to specify a list of values, for which the separator character "|" must be used between each pair of values. For example: product_id=123|456|789|1092&months=2021-01|2021-02

For date type filters it is necessary to specify the values using the internal format used in Biuwer, which depending on the date level used is one of the following:

  • Year (YYYY -> 2020)

  • Year and quarter (YYYY-T -> 2020-4)

  • Year and month (YYYY-MM -> 2020-12)

  • Year, month and day (YYYY-MM-DD -> 2020-12-22)

Also in date filters, it is possible to specify predefined formats using a set of values, depending on the date level:

  • Year: thisYear, previousYear, previousTwoYears, twoYearsAgo, lastTwoYears, lastThreeYears

  • Quarter: thisQuarter, previousQuarter, previousTwoQuarters, twoQuartersAgo, threeQuartersAgo, lastTwoQuarters, lastThreeQuarters, lastFourQuarters

  • Month: thisMonth, previousMonth, previousTwoMonths, twoMonthsAgo, threeMonthsAgo, lastTwoMonths, lastThreeMonths, lastSixMonths, lastTwelveMonths

  • Day: today, yesterday, previousTwoDays, twoDaysAgo, threeDaysAgo, currentWeek, lastSevenDays, lastThirtyDays

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