Data access security

When asked how to configure data access security?, once the user can access content, it is necessary to know how to specify what data that content will be able to display.

In Biuwer, this configuration is done using the Data Policies, present in the Data Sets. In a very summary way, it is about specifying to the users and/or groups of users, the filters that limit the data displayed in the content.

In a multi-tenant application, it is common to have shared data entities for different clients and it is necessary to filter the data for each client to ensure that each user has access only to their data. This aspect is very important, given the seriousness of sharing data that does not correspond to an end user.

The configuration of Data Policies can also be done using the Biuwer interface, when the registration of a client and its end users in the service does not require it to be in real time and there is not such a volume that it is very tedious. In other words, manually configuring Data Policies makes sense in the Biuwer interface itself for integrations that have up to a few hundred users, and their addition/ modification/ deletion does not need to be done in real time.

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