Permission inheritance

Depending on whether the object has a hierarchy of child objects or not, you will have the option to "Apply same permissions to children". This is called permission inheritance, which means, for example, that object-level security settings in a shared space can be applied by selecting this option on all pages and cards contained in that space.

The permission inheritance relationship can be enabled and disabled whenever necessary:

  • It is enabled en bloc from the parent object (e.g. a shared space).

  • It is enabled or disabled individually, from the child object.

When an object has applied to itself an access configuration inherited from another object, for example, a card that inherits the security of the space it is in, the "Access Configuration" dialog will be shown as the following image.

Any changes to access settings in the space you are in, will be automatically reflected.

In cases where you need to customize permissions for an object that has the inherited permissions, simply click the "Customize Permissions" button and set users and groups of users with their "View", "Edit" or "Administer" levels. Note that in this case that object has cut off the inheritance of permissions, so any change in access settings that occurs in the space where it is, will be independent.

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