Embedding a resource in my application

If you are wondering, how do you embed a resource in an application external to Biuwer?, the steps to have embedded content in your application are:

  1. Create the content in Biuwer. It can be a Card, a Page or a Collection.

  2. Create a Resource Id associated with the content, clicking on the "Share" menu option in the list of content objects.

  3. Configure the Shared Resource, adjusting dimensions and validity period.

  4. Copy the IFRAME code to insert.

  5. Include the HTML code of the IFRAME in your application, at the point you consider appropriate.

As described in the Shared Resources section, the application can be written using different technologies and languages, but at the end of the day it must be a web application that speaks HTML, CSS and of course, Javascript.

As a recommendation, it is interesting to configure the "width" and "height" attributes of the IFRAME so that they occupy 100% of the container element defined in your application, for which you must specify a specific size.

It is important that you include in your code a mechanism to identify the connected user to go to the mapping table, for example, "integration_security_mapping", which we discussed in the Items to prepare section, so that a User AUTH TOKEN is obtained for its identification in Biuwer. This is the only element that for a basic integration should change between two different users in your application.

Check in the process with several users to verify that different AUTH TOKENS are being obtained correctly, that the RESOURCE TOKEN that is being embedded is the one you want, at a certain point (menu item, section of a screen, HTML layer, etc.), and that the data that is being displayed in each case is that which corresponds to the connected end user.

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