How Biuwer works

The basic concepts of Biuwer are explained in the Glossary and the following diagram visually shows how Biuwer works by integrating the different parts involved.

Data usage diagram

Users can consume analytical information through Pages or Cards, as shown from the left side of the diagram. Depending on the use you want to give to your data, you can use a page as a dashboard or a panel composed of one or more cards, or use an individual card to analyze specific data.

Any data that is displayed by a data card comes from a Data Model, where you specify how the Datasets are related to each other. Data models are a very versatile tool as they allow us to contribute to the data the meaning we expect from them to analyze specific use cases.

In turn, Datasets represent data physically stored in a database, accessed through a Data Connection also defined in Biuwer.

Define your data once and use them many times

Data Models, Datasets and Connections, according to the security configuration applied, are available to all users of your Organization. This means that data management, if its structure does not change, can be defined once and then used on all the pages and cards that are needed over time.

Hybrid data management

Biuwer enables hybrid data management, i.e. you can decide how your data is managed. Other tools force you to upload all your data to their system, as they need it for their architecture and operation, but this does not happen with Biuwer.

For each dataset, you can decide whether your organization performs data management using private databases (typically behind a firewall), or whether Biuwer performs this management for you.

  • If your organization is in charge of managing the data, they are stored physically in SQL or NoSQL databases supported by Biuwer. The queries will be executed physically in your servers and only their results will be obtained, which will be shown in the Cards corresponding to your Users.

  • In cases where Biuwer is in charge of managing your data, this is stored in a high-speed analytical data system, designed specifically for data analysis, in a safe and watertight manner for your Organization.

When you use data that is not physically stored in databases, such as files (CSV, Excel,...) and other integrations accessible via API, this data must be stored and managed in Biuwer for you.

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