How to use Biuwer?

This section explains the main actions that a user will perform within the Biuwer Platform.

Each new Organization has a built in demo shared Space with one Page including a bunch of Cards, using one Data Model, some Datasets and a real database Data Connection. We will be doing a guided tour using these elements to show you how to use the Biuwer Platform.

Step 1: Sign Up

First of all, if you are new to Biuwer, you’ll have to register to create your Organization. The Sign Up process is very simple, you will have to provide your company email address to verify your identity to access a full 30 day trial period.

The most common way to use the Biuwer Platform is using its web user interface available at and filling the sign in form.

Here we tell you about the main menu items and how to navigate the web user interface.

You can change your user settings (email, name, etc.) as well as your preferred language.

Learn how to find and navigate content using your Personal Space and your Organization Shared Spaces.

In Biuwer data can be explored and analyzed using Cards directly or included in Pages, also known as Dashboards.

It’s important that you learn to read the current filters that are being applied to any Page or Card, so that you can answer the right questions.

Step 8: Collaborate

One of the basics of the Data Driven Growth movement is embracing the collaboration around data. Here we show you the main options to collaborate with data.

This guided tour concludes using the Film Rentals shared space. We ask you some questions about the data being shown. Go find the answer!

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