Groups of users in the Organization are managed in the Groups section.

Biuwer provides some predefined groups of users, to facilitate management:

  • Administrators: special group to which the main contact belongs and to which you can include new users. It has the administration roles that allow you to perform any action in Biuwer.

  • All basic users: group in which all the basic users you create in your organization are automatically included.

  • All standard users: group which automatically includes all the standard users you create in your organization.

As you can see, Groups of Users are also distinguished between Basic and Standard.

  • Basic groups of users cannot have Roles assigned to them and are therefore used as simple groups of users to set up object-level security. Basic groups of users can contain both basic and standard users.

  • Standard groups of users can have Roles assigned to them, they are used as groups of users and also to configure security at the platform level. Standard groups of users can contain only standard users.

When you press the "Add" button you must select the type of Group of Users, give it a name and optionally a description.

When you click on a group of users, you access their file, from which you can manage the following:

  • Group of users editing (change name, description).

  • List of Standard Users included

  • List of Basic Users included (only in Basic groups)

  • Assigned Roles (only in Standard groups)

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