Create the page

Once you have built all the individual cards, you can incorporate them into any page in the space where they are. Usually you have to create a new page in the space and configure its Structure and Content, from the page's contextual menu.

Biuwer is a cloud platform built with adaptive web technology, so the content will be adapted to different screen sizes and can be used on desktops, large screens and also on laptops, tablets and smartphones. The content on a page is structured in rows containing a number of columns and cards are included in these columns. Cards will automatically be displayed according to the specified layout depending on the screen size, vertically stacking cards underneath each other if needed.

In the page structure and content editor you can:

  • Add and remove content rows

  • Add and remove columns to content rows

  • Add and remove horizontal separators

  • Set the column widths (minimum width 1 and maximum width 12)

  • Add and remove cards from columns

Remember that you can move rows, columns and cards using the icon at the top center of each element.

One very important thing when setting up a page is the interactive filters that will allow users to customize business questions about the data. To do this, use the page filter editor.

Using this editor you can:

  • Add and remove page filters, sorting them out

  • Configure each filter (name, type of filter and other details)

  • Specify which cards are affected by the filter

  • Specify dependencies between filters

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