Custom Card
Biuwer has been conceived from the beginning as an extensible data platform and therefore one of its main features is that it is possible to create a card that represents any type of information, in a custom way for each Organization. For these cases, the Custom Card is available, which will allow the use of the multiple query system on available Data Models, and use these data to display:
    Integrations with third parties
    Custom charts
    Custom reports
    Custom KPIs
    Custom maps
    Custom web forms
When creating a custom card in Biuwer, the displayed dialog asks for a name, if it is a data card, if multiple queries can be included, and the upload of a JS (JavaScript) file containing the card code, as a Javascript web application created with the BDK (Biuwer Development Kit).
Creating a Custom Card in Biuwer
The Biuwer Development Kit is currently not publicly available. In case you are interested in the custom cards, please contact us using the support chat.
Last modified 9mo ago
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